Are you ever friends with your voices?

You got to break them from their games and call them on their ■■■■. This can cause them to change strategies completely and bring new people in and switch people out.

I’ll have to play around with them and see what I can make them do. Usually they ignore me, and they all overlap each other in conversation

I view this whole thing as a psychological operation. It is designed to be as crazy as possible at first to disorient you and make you look crazy. They may come off as absurd, but behind it is a well designed strategy to diminish your consciousness and delude your mind. it is mental bondage. What I did is intently spent a lot of time interacting with my entity and getting a feel for its capabilities and what it was. They basically hack the person’s consciousness. They did demonstrations of how they can change your psychological mental state, create emotions in your mind, and insert thoughts as well. They are master manipulators and highly telepathic. My conclusions would be backed up by what is already stated in demonology. Read The Lesser Key of Solomon, a book of sorcery and demonology. It is well known in the occult they have these capabilities.

After a lot of probing and interogations my entity eventually broke “character” and showed its true brain power. Other interesting things happened as well as I worked to strengthen the telepathic connection between us. For instance, I can feel seemingly what would be a part of his consciousness. It is sort of like an energy. He can do much more than a voice. He can send me emotional projections of how he thinks and feels about things. He can even make articulate expressions through my face . I can even tune into his energy and force him to talk. If I channel into his energy too strongly he will possess my body and make annoying sneering faces through my face and jerk my head around. It is pretty cool. > : )

This is my idea of Jesus 2.0. First he was yin, next he will be yang.

I also feel like I’m telepathically communicating with people. I have had sexual experiences with voices too; the two voices that I’ve had sexual experiences with are my two exboyfriends. One of which I don’t mind, it was actually enjoyable to have him visit me. My other ex is unfortunately the one that I deal with the most, as far as the sexual stuff goes. I’m not attracted to him at all, never was physically attracted to him and he’s raped me in real life since we broke up and it feels like he rapes me when he’s not here. Luckily it hasn’t happened since I’ve been medicated. But I still hear his commentary about his attraction to me and it’s really creepy. I loved him at one point, but he turned into a jerk and it just made his physical appearance even worse to me than it already was. I hate being haunted by him 24/7.

But I also feel like my body gets taken over and I used to make sneering faces uncontrollably. My fingers used to move like I was playing piano too. (I used to play when I was younger.) Sometimes it feels like my ex, the one I don’t like, takes over my body and cries through me when I make fun of him in my head. He is a Freemason and I heard him telling me in my head that he learned at his meetings how to control my mind, that he was going to have a demon possess me and that he was going to give me schizophrenia. Hearing all of this and seeing him 24/7, having him rape me without him being here before he finally raped me in real life after we broke up, etc. makes it super hard for me not to sit there thinking that he’s the cause of my schizophrenia and that he is in fact communicating with me in my head.

I would consider my other ex, the one that I do like, to be my friend. Which he is in real life and I still care about him a lot. Again, it’s hard to not sit there and believe that I’m telepathically communicating with him because we are still very close and have slept together since we broke up.

I mainly hear my two exes, but when I talk to other people, I think I’m hearing their thoughts and it’s usually stuff about what the person I’m talking to thinks of me. A lot of times, I hear men “thinking” about me sexually and it’s rather annoying.

By talking to a “supernatural” being and it telling what is going on in itself doesn’t prove anything, because it would have to be confirmed via rational or empirical means in order to constitute as knowledge .I would argue the same effect a spirit would create in a person’s mind to give him or her clairvoyant knowledge can also be used to misguide him or her into an illusionary state of reality. I use the word illusion because it implies a “magician” and deception in a sense of the word. I don’t believe in psychic ability .In my view a psychic is an antenna and an external intelligence apart from him or her is the broadcaster and real observer/gatherer of the unseen information, and just like a television broadcast, not everything on it can always be trusted. This means it still requires sufficient rational or empirical support because it cannot be relied on with the same level of certainty as sensory input. Remember, the art of propaganda is to mix lies with truth, so I would be weary of this. Here is a good analogy for this concept (intro to The Outer Limits):

It could be a human was involved in your targeting, but I don’t give people who practice sorcery that much credit that they themselves would have telepathic abilities. People who practice sorcery use demons to do the REAL WORK. So what you’re experiencing directly is not human. My entity has personally shown me that he can morph his energy into anyone and impersonate them, so don’t fall for their tricks.

yes i hear voices but also i hear and see Jesus but he is real so i wouldn’t call him a voice
i am friends with one of my voices she nice and tell me to ignore the other voices

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Yeah, I’ve been thinking it’s a demon but I do get confused sometimes and think it’s all my Freemason ex. But the Freemason will morph into my other ex, making me think that it’s a demon ■■■■■■■ with me. Plus, I find it impossible that the Freemason would be haunting me 24/7. I know he’s crazy, but I don’t think he’s that obsessed with me lol.

Yes, humans have physical limitations and have to eat, sleep, rest, ■■■■, etc.

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Hahaha yeah. For a long time I just thought he had learned how to master functioning normally while still being able to telepathically stalk me. But I realize now that this is impractical and illogical. I mean idk how I feel about the whole demon thing. A part of me believes that it’s a demon and another part of me is just like, nah it’s just your brain playing tricks on you. But it sure does feel like I’m possessed sometimes. It’s ■■■■■■ up.

take care :alien:

Sometimes my voices/hallucinations turn into my family members and I can tolerate them…most of the time they’re negative entities though constantly attacking me.

I had lady gaga and christopher lee in my head and was buddies with them. At first when this happened I thought I had established some type of cell phone in my head tapped into them.and that we’re all some elite group that’s tapped into each other. But eventually I got to talking with them about meeting up in person and they were going to and they just never showed up.

I made friends with the wooly mammoth that cause the ground to quake when it walked. I knew a woman that found peace in being friends with a 7 ft cockroach in NYC… 20 years ago was my biggest and of very few psychotic breaks

Daimon is the Greek derivative for the term demon. Why did you pick that name?

I would caution everyone not to talk to demons if they talk to you. dabbling with the occult is very dangerous.

I have 5. One of them is not really “friends” per se, but he is pretty much an information source. He has actually helped me repair things that I don’t know about. Everything from cars to computers.

Guy pays rent so i have to be friends with him.