Are you energetic in the mornings or at night

Now days majority of people body chemistry are not functioning the right way, people feel tired in the morning and become energized in the evening. It should be the opposite. In the evening the body should prepare you to sleep, not to give you energy to go out.

That’s how I feel. I wish I could sleep a lot longer than I do because I wake up still groggy.

Neither in the morning or at night. Often drowsy.

I have no idea, it seems to change day to day. I think I get more energetic or lethargic with the temperature instead of the time.

do not have norm 8-5 work hours like common folks do so im used to working 2nd and 3rd shifts so really cant answer that as job trained me

I’m much more energetic in the morning. I’ve always been a morning person though. I also feel like my symptoms are better in the morning. And they tend to get worse as the day goes by. So I go to bed early and wake up early. It works for me.



I’m a morning person. I get up super early in the summer like 4:30 or 5am. i’m zonked by early evening.

I tend to be energetic at night and sleepy during the day. Sleeping during the day is the only way I can get restful sleep, even if I take antipsychotics or sleeping pills at night.

No. Moreso at afternoon + night though. I think when my Zyprexa has worn off from the night before.

I don’t think I’m particularly energetic at any time of the day. I am however more energetic later than earlier in the day.

It is 1:44 a.m. where I am, I just woke up here in the Eastern Finland, I feel quite energetic after having my first two cups of coffee, I typically have five cups immediately in the morning, I am a caffeine addict, I started sleeping early at 7:00 p.m., so I slept almost seven hours after taking my evening meds, other people here are still sleeping after their drinking parties, but I like to wake up early, some people there in America you are just having your Saturday night, in Australia it is different. I typically listen this high energy music already in the morning:

I usually wake up at around 5am filmic energy but by 11am I need a sleep for a couple of hours. Then it takes me ages to wake up again and can sleep till 3pm. Then I take the dogs to the woods and that wakes me up. I stay wide awake till about 10pm but it’s later on the weekends.