Are you compassionate?

My psychologist wants me to understand compassion and what it means.

Are you compassionate and do you have an example to share so I know what this means in everyday terms?

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I feel I’m compassionate…taking care of Angie and her dogs is part of that…taking care of my mom and making sure she is o k…just having feelings for helping others really.


You’d think not, but yeah. I’m really compassionate in real life. I want other people to feel well about themselves and their lives. I smile a lot and try to listen attentively. If someone needs help and I can help them (within reasonable limits), I do it gladly and without wanting anything in return. That’s what compassion means to me.


There’s many times I’ve wanted to help people but idk how lol.
Then there’s people like one of my siblings whom I feel I’m a good influence on.
I think it’s about wanting the best for everyone.
And acting accordingly, as @anon9798425 said, within reasonable limit

The example with my sibling is like helping with revision cos u want them to do their best

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I hope I am. Although I have found that since being on Lexapro I have hardened somewhat and I don’t like that. I did an online test today that stated I was a very compassionate person. It also stated I was highly sensitive (neurotic). I would post the test here but it was part of a dating site questionnaire lol.

Any acts of kindness and having empathy for others are indicators of a compassionate person. Most Nurses fit the criteria well.

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No I’m not. I’ve become quite cold and uncaring. This is squarely due to the fact that I was left high and dry when I most needed help.

My motto now is

“The more help you need the less you get
The less help you need the more you get”

That’s the way it’s been for me.

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I hope I am compassionate and try to help other people. I show them that I care. I love my parents, family, and friends.

Compassion is one of my stronger qualities. I used to rescue deaf and/or blind Aussies when no one else would. I give money to homeless people on the streets if I have it. I can’t read the news because it makes me cry. I can imagine myself in other people’s shoes- I really relate to them- and I think I feel what they feel. Maybe that is more empathy, but there you have it.

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I’m fairly compassionate . However I’m better at caring about people ,than I am, in practical terms, caring for them .

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No, I’m a ■■■■■

In my own way I am. But, maybe not emotionally.

No, I’m too sore to feel compassion for others.

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I’m compassionate enough.

I wish I was more compassionate. I feel like I’m too busy worrying about my own problems to worry about others, but I’m working on it

I’m very compassionate. Yesterday I gave $68 to charitable causes - Veterans of Foreign Wars, Tulsi Gabbard, the Malala Foundation, and the community food bank. I give a fair portion of my budget to charitable causes. I like Doctors without Borders. I’ve probably given the most to the Red Cross for hurricane relief. They said the Red Cross built only six permanent shelters for earthquake victims in Haiti, but I think they built quite a bit of decent temporary shelter. I’m not saying you have to do this. Just find something that moves you, and do something. Maybe you could volunteer to stuff envelopes for a cause. My personal situation allows me to donate my excess money. I’m very careful how I spend my money, so I usually have some left over. It makes me feel good to help people in need. There is no shortage of worthy causes. Maybe you could volunteer at the local animal shelter, if you like animals.

I used to be compassionate pre-illness, doing lots of favors for family friends and relatives, but the mental illness hit me like a mac truck, making me strongly prefer being indoors to being outdoors and around unfamiliar sights and sounds pretty much overnight.

I developed a crushing, chronic, 8/10 in pain, migraine during a work gig. It stuck around for 3 years, and is only recently starting to let up.

I haven’t deleted this website from the bookmarks of my browser and have come here since 2004 to attempt to learn, Love and inspire Love in those who wish to have power over me, label, categorize, harm, drug, remove my hope, and annihilate me; even though my posts have been edited, deleted and I have been banned in the past for months by those that have that ability on this website. I wouldn’t have ever even visited this site, if I never got supposedly … “diseased”. All the assholes here could have just carried on as they did prior, and I wouldn’t have noticed or wasted so much effort here and elsewhere, no matter the outcome for all of you (moderators included). In other words …

I complete you and you complete me in this psycho drama acted on the small screen.

I try to be compassionate. I help other people within my means and it usually helps me as well to do so, especially when I’m in the pit of doom, aka the state of mind where I see no hope in anything or anyone. Seeing people cheer up after being helped gives me a little of that lost hope back.

Now I can be more of the things I employ.

I try to be a compassionate person but sometimes I struggle because I know that person doesn’t give two craps about anyone else. I know it shouldn’t depend on the person.