Are you bored ? How do you use your talents?

I am studying computer but get bored of them. I want to be computer nerd.i surf a lot of pages, learn small bit… but know that I know not much and there is so wide aspects to learn… you tube is full of videos, to relax I feel annoyed to do this codeacademy exercises, waiting to get install the Linux on my laptop…want to make everything clean and tidy. but I jump from one page to another cant concentrate on one page…I am gonna study computer science from September I hope I gonna enter that college, maybe be easier and more interesting…I don’t have what to do else I have to learn to work with pc…I need new proffesion…otherwise I don’t know where I am gonna end… I read in a wisdom book that you need to use your talents to iniciate in upper level.Who is here computer NERDS?

I was a computer nerd when I was a kid. I built my own computer in the 80’s. I made programs and small games in basic. But then I lost it. I got depressed and never found my way back. I was depressed for 10 years.

and you couldn’t made programs and games when were depressed ? :slight_smile:

No. I lost interest in everything. It took all my energy to be in school. Later I slept all day and played computer games at night. Skipping school a lot.

I was making websites before I got ill. I made them in notepad to have complete control over the site. Didn’t trust Dreamweaver and other site building programs. That might be a bit nerdy :smile:

what games did you played ?

They were good sites. With photo albums and guest books. Calendar over the activities etc.

There was only Doom. The original. I mastered all levels before I played in god mode and made new tracks to the game.

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niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee and cool

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