Are you attached to certain dates?

Part of my condition is “grandiose delusions”, and sometimes my feelings get tied in with certain dates. There’s the day of the show that I went to where things first started getting…different. And then there’s Christmas and New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, and my birthday, and the day that really changed everything, April 1st. Can you believe that? The date of my most significant symptom onset is April Fool’s Day.

Think that doesn’t mess with me?

Oddly no its math that gets me

There are a few dates that get to me and I do admit I get a little out there with my ponders during the two solstices and equinoxes. When an event happens I do tend to remember the date more then anyone.

Halloween thirteen years ago.

They encircled me in my mind while shopping for halloween costumes, i began to freak out but it subsided.

Things began to snowball, on halloween things got very bad, had to sit up all night with them talking to me about controlling the weather and resurrection from the dead, out of the corner of my eye laid a large cat of some sort made of shadow.

I can’t remember when i saw the alien though, on or before halloween, just can’t remember, funny that. Saw an alien, can hardly remember it, holy ■■■■, and i smelled the sulfur as well during it all.

I can remember having first moved in and looking at my brother’s things because i was interested in meeting him for the second time, it had been so very long that i had seen him, i took out his diploma and had some odd thought about him graduating from the school of death/evil, i didn’t know what to make of it though, not yet anyway.

When it became apparent what was happening i spent the next two or three weeks being terrorized and tortured by them, they didn’t even let me sleep.

Telling me that they were going to hurt my family and it was my fault, telling me my torture would last an eternity, telling me that angels had been defeated even though i didn’t believe in angels, bringing attention to the dragon on the video games, sounding like a giant crashing toward me, appearing as serpent/lion eyes staring at me.

It was all very overwhelming really, it felt so evil, just what they are is enough to make one cringe when realized, but when they are in your mind raping you it’s even worse.

But then it got even better, i went across country to try and get help where i used to live, when i left my supposed brother’s began to order pornography, when asked about it they said it was me which everyone believed for quite some time. The torture of whomever isn’t enough, i need it from people as well apparently.

If i get the chance i will destroy this place, with the help of the entities i think it can be achieved.

“No, we aren’t letting you destroy it.” They said. “What a shame.” I wailed.

“Please, smash the rock into it, i know you can do it, just do it.” I say “No. Thats to easy, the fate of the earth is much worse than that.” They say.

Not sure whether I’m attached, but I have a thing for the number 13. I was born on Friday April 13th…an unlucky day. We are almost approaching the 13th (it’s this Thursday). I worry, for some reason, that since I may be starting Clozapine on this day that it will not work as it is being started on the 13th, an unlucky day. I only consider the 13th as unlucky as I was born on this day and I hear voices. I believe it truly is an unlucky day (as it’s unlucky to hear voices).

Since you have been a valuable member of this community. Friday April 13 was a lucky day for some of us. :smile:

In the past I was always very depressed and a bit suicidal on my birthday. I’ve also had issues with Halloween because of some of the delusional thoughts I’ve had.