Are you an idle critic?

Nothing scares me more than people who are critics and yet don’t do the work themselves. They get he idea they can just pile on the demands until we break. Like the straw that broke the camal’s back. That includes people who are parents, friends, teachers and governments.


I’m an idle critic. I’m not as big a one as I once was but it’s still there.

You know, I’m a worse critic of things that break down, now. I can accept people better at home. When I’m away from home, I am less secure and don’t like having to wait. It’s something to work on.

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I think I’m seem as the idol critic. :slight_smile: I kid, I kid. Criticizing things is a good habit. Not unnecassarily, but as a way to further discussion. Movie critics sometimes provide good insight, as do other critics.

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I think my fear has been a perfectionist critic whose goal is to destroy, not to improve. That type of critic, I think, is motivated by jealousy.

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