Are you allowed to talk to your counselor about


Religious issues? My counselor didn’t allow it at all. He told me to talk to a priest. I am getting a new counselor from the same place and I hope the same rule doesn’t apply.


I think it probably varies from counselor to counselor. Or it could be a rule they have. :lion::lion::lion:


My new social worker will not talk about certain things. They’re just not in his repertoire. It’s just his style. I DO mind a little, not much.


My new counselor will talk about it with me. I just feel like she’s condescending sometimes. But it might just be her personality and way of speech.


My last two counselors would talk about religious issues and I am soooo glad. This was pivotal to my healing.


It would be mine too! I hope my counselor continues to be open to it. It’s very helpful to talk it out.