Are you all in on it?

What is it your never supposed to tell me? That you all read my mind constantly while he injects evil thoughts?

People can’t read minds.

I’m not in on it and I can’t read your mind. Sounds like you need some meds.

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He? Who?


Fast and bulbous

No dude your paranoid it seems! Please call your doctor. Nobody can read your mind no ones against you! Just call your doctor!

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No one here is in on it, or out to get you. We are here to support each other. Has this happened before?

This is classic psychosis. Please tell your doctor

I called in the other day they should call me back soon


Logan, the guy who claims im attacking him all the time

You’re attacking him
Or he you?

Hopefully they call you back soon. Hate to see you struggling like this

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He says its me attacking him but i think im brainwashed to where i can never attack him so I dont even try anymore, plus with all this harasment i had to learn not to have hate or fear in my life so why would I hurt someone else when i know what it feels like to be attacked all the time. Other times I think I probably should attack him back of course not the way he says im attacking him but it would be nice to know that he knows what it would feel like

Is he a real person?

We used to be best friends but we split up and I started getting harrased everyday since then, he told me he used to push people when he was in jail to clean the toilets etc. I didnt know he had these kinds of powers I just thought he punked em out

He has no power over you.
You’re free

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I wish that was the truth

I think he has the whole world hating me because he keeps telling them and brainwashes them to see me as a evil

They just yelled “The whole world thinks its Jon Kent”

He steals my voice so no one hears my side they just hear his lies and manipulations but you all are brainwashed to think hes telling the truth

Honestly don’t know who you are or really care that much. Whatever you think I’m doing to you, I’m not. You’re just not that important.

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