Are you afraid of saying the wrong thinks

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’m afraid I’ll say the wrong thing or say something that would best be left unsaid.

For example, One of my texts irritated my sister, and she got on to me about it. I’m just not going to text or call her until she contacts me. It seems like it always me calling her and begging like a dog for her to call me.

Admittedly her daughter is getting married in September with a big wedding.

I am the same… My family is not always comprehensive or even nice to me…
I was mainly mute for years. Now I am afraid of what I can say, yeap :unamused: We should try to open despite that, dear… only this will save us…
But I know, everyone criticize us in our situation, my sister too gets mad to me, my mother too… it’s scary and depressing, we suffer more than them with it…

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That’s why you always keep that one delete in reserve :wink:. I wish they gave you more deletes too.

Seriously though, I haven’t seen anything wrong with any of your comments lately. I think you are fine.


Thanks @Anna1. I’m 62 now and considered a senior citizen. Just about all my family members have died. There’s one uncle, three cousins, my sister, her husband and two kids. I live alone now and am not sure what I’m going to do when I can’t take care of myself anymore.

Thanks @Bowens 15

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I see, hard situation :pleading_face: I am almost the same, I am very alone too. I had 20 years of isolation so now I don’t have many people to open to too…
My mom risks a serious surgery now, she wants my help for it, while I can’t even move sometimes and she doesn’t understand that… My sister has a cancer now and doesn’t want to know nothing about my sz… that’s all.
Yeah, now I got you, you are alone as me, this is harder… :disappointed:

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Sorry that you are alone but I know how you feel My sister had a heart problem and was in danger of dying, but they were able to fix it with surgery. She seems to be doing okay now.

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My mouth has sometimes gotten be in “trouble” my whole life. Some people share my sense of humour or agree with me but some don’t. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to keep my opinions to myself only because it’s easier to do so in many cases. I don’t think anything I say is really that bad or controversial but some people just think completely differently.

“That is the best-to laugh with someone because you think the same things are funny.” - GLORIA VANDERBILT

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Thanks @LordHeadspark. Maybe I worry too much.

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Well Gratitude List time… I’m grateful I can still get around, that I have psychiatric care, there’s nothing wrong with me physically other than arthritis and being obese, there’s food to eat, and I have a few friends.

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I sometimes wonder if I’m calling various relatives too much. :thinking:

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Thanks @anon40973946. I know what you mean.

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Not only am I scared of saying the wrong things, I’m scared of thinking the wrong things… like I’ll jinx myself

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Well I don’t feel like I’m going to jinx myself. I just feel like the devil is after me at times. Or witches. But I probably shouldn’t say this.

Ah I can understand that…

I had that feeling before, but thankfully it has gone away.

I hope the same will happen for you🙌

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Thanks @Human 15

It’s probably a childhood fear from seeing The Wizard of OZ when I was too young.

I used to have nightmares about tornadoes and witches.

The devil probably comes from The Curse of the Demon movie. I think that’s the title of it

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