Are you addicted to your medication?

I have become addicted to my clozapine and other medications and when I miss any dose at night I have these awful vibes and cold sweats, if you can imagine nightmares and chillies, maybe even dying — I’m on 800 mgs of clozapine and I’m scared of lowering my dose

However, when I have my pills at night everything is ok, fine n good …


i think i am addicted to my med. it really mellows out my moods, i notice it, when it time for another injection every 3 months.

There’s withdrawals associated with every AP.

I think the severity of the withdrawals is related to the half life of the med. The longer the half life, the less the withdrawals. I think that’s the case anyway, but don’t quote me !

Edit: clozapine has a half life of 14 hours and abilify has a half life of 75 hours. So you’d expect less withdrawals with abilify.

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Quoted. Mwahaha! But seriously, this is why myself and others have struggled so mightily with tapering Seroquel, which has a short half life. Now that I think about, maybe only Geodon and Seroquel have this going on.

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Yes, but the ones I’m addicted to aren’t antipsychotics.

I’m absolutely physically dependent on Abilify and Klonopin.

Its not necessarily only withdrawals, its also psychosis that’s start to surface. If I skip my meds for 1 day I start having illogical and grandiose thought that increase in intensity the longer I go without meds. I also feel more and more abnormal.

not addicted but dependent yes

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when i take medication my thought fits together.when i dont take medication.i go cucu.anxiety,fear,i stop talking propley.its sad.sad life.

I experience withdrawal symptoms if I miss a dose of Geodon. Geodon has a super short half life too. I get dizzy and light headed if it’s been too long since a dose

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I’m dependent on my med’s. I guess that means I’m addicted to them. But it’s not like I get a high from them. They keep me sensible.

Why are you copying me? My post was “They never say psych meds are dependency”

That’s not addiction that dependence. If you were addicted you’d write fake doctors prescriptions and take them to every pharmacy in town just hoping to luck out and down the whole bottle the second you got it. That’s not you. I believe it’s a two part medication. For me anyway there were meds before the AP’s. That they give you and the two counteract each other giving the desired effect.

Im only addicted in the sense - i know i gotta take it to stay well. The few times ive missed it cos theres been a foul up at the pharmacy, ive seemed to go downhill quicker these days.

600mg + 12 Hours sleep normally gets me straight lol.

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Yes I get withdrawal symptoms if I skip my Latuda, but not extreme ones like when I stopped Ativan.

No, I do not think so.


I Find It To Be Insanely Impossible For Me To Get Addicted To Medications That I Sometimes Would like To Skip. Granted, My Invega Pills Have Been Of Great Help In Analyzing The Sphere Of Fear In It’s Entirety. But!, I Want To Get Back Into Recording Music The Way i Did Off Of Med’s. Although My Judgement Was Off The Charts In Preparation For Day After Day After Day After Day.

Point Is,

I Seek Clarity With Medications. And Have Found Positive Ways To Build Myself Into Someone Almost Prepared For Anything Under The Sun.

And Moon Of Course. But!, Life Can Be Highly Confusing Very, Very Quickly.

Im Wandering…, Look For Clarity, Find A Better Life Where Your Body Won’t Shut Down And Give It All To You As You Rest Your Weary Heart Under The Umbrella Of Synthetics.

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Not addiced in that it requries escalating dose

I’m not addicted in that I’m addicted

same here… 151515