Are you able to read long post?

In my opinion, if you can read long post, and reply with more relevant answer— it shows me that you have reach certain level of recovery.
What do you think? Any other similar signs as evidence of recovery?

If those long posts are coherent.


I used to be the WORST at long long post. I got few replies. Now I try to keep my post smaller.

some times when the post has no breaks, no punctuation or… the person is just angry ranting over and over… then I can’t read it. It’s too hard and it hurst my head.

If it’s not a rant and there is punctuation… I think I can mange Ok.


I am better at reading long posts than I am at replying to them . It can be hard to get my responses across in an organised way


Yes, what you said is true.

I read during my symptomatic period…not a lot but I did read…I’ll read a long post if it’s someone who is asking for help here or it’s someone I find interesting or the topic interests me. But like Skims said…only if it’s coherent. I was reading rather avidly up until I don’t know eight months or so ago when I fell off the sobriety wagon and haven’t been able to get back into reading literature since…but posts I’ll read.

It is good for you able to read long posts. I don’t think replies should be made in organized way. Just respond with what’s in your heart.
And @firemonkey, your persistence in posting news should have good effect on your mental health.

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Most of the time, short and concise statement is most welcomed. Apparently, people seeking for help may need to include more details which make long post. Thanks for sharing your experience.

In addition to that, seeing things from their perspective will definitely not being labeled as stubborn or shortsighted person.

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If the post is more than 6 lines, I will feel difficult to get the meaning all together. Then I jump it and sometimes reread it over and over again. But sometimes, I just drop it and see how others respond to it.

May be it is easier for us to compose long post than to read someone else’s long post?

Plumber’s got a point about the relevancy of the reply. Its funny how some of the replies are way out there. Not on this thread of course. Talking about recovery is a sign of recovery I think. Not just dwelling on when you were in the midst of psychosis and what your experience was like.

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I would however like to use this time to post about how much I love bubble wrap and ice cream. :wink:

Sorry… I just couldn’t help it.

In all honesty, I do wonder when I get a post or reply that is so off topic… I just think people hit the reply button to the wrong post.

The better I’ve been feeling and the more in control I’ve been feeling… I have been trying to let go of some of my past war stories. It’s odd too… when a new member comes into my Sz group… it sort of starts all over again.

I’ll try to pick at least one thing from the person’s post to address and try and expand on that. I do use a bit of my own experience to relay my idea… but I’d like to think I’m getting better at talking with the person and not talking AT them.

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I don’t mind a long post if it’s broken up into paragraphs. When I see just a huge wall of unbroken text I don’t even read it. I might skim it but that’s it.

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I think it is advisable or generally a good practice to split long post into paragraphs, and use punctuation marks.

I actually hate trying to read really long posts. I don’t follow things as muh as I used to and I am doing really well but long posts are overwheling.

I never read long posts.

i think you are right to point this out and it is very true, i can’t normally read very long posts thats why i try to keep it short and succinct so every body can join in so it is definitely a symptom,

i can read more replies if they are short enough and it doesn’t feel like i am reading an endless spiel of words. i think its better if it is strung out anyway because we can talk about things in more depth and detail a bit at a time. like pulling things apart.

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I have the ABILITY to read long posts, but I rarely do.


I don’t really read long posts, I just skim through them, I don’t have the patience or concentration and get confused by the time I get to the end. it all depends on what the post is about, sometimes I don’t understand what is being written, and yes, paragraphs do help as well so you don’t lose your place.
I don’t usually write long posts either, I try to keep it short.