Are you able to initiate ideas and pilot them successfully?

Lol it took me awhile to get that title right. I used to struggle with concentration and i write verses (I rap) so going about my ideas was a HUGE and difficult task.

How many of you are articulate and sound in concrete thinking?


When I’m determined I can pave a 4 lane road through anything in a very good way. But trying to relax is a ehole other story

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I think I am very articulate. I am able to initiate ideas and pilot them successfully. I wrote, recorded, produced and promoted three music albums and made several music videos to go with them, all on my own. I did all of the work myself. The only thing I didn’t do was the actual performance of the music. I hired musicians for that. I also hired the music engineers and videographers.


Haha yeah It took me a long time to get to the point of manifestation

Yeah I have videos but like they are not budgeted or anything! XD But hey thats sweet

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We all have set backs and things that stop us in our tracks. I believe alot of people give up or totally jump in to their delusions

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Awesome Gina! Was it classical music?

There was a time when I couldn’t think of what to say. I think that I have gotten better. I don’t know if anyone on here noticed though. Usually my deficit was in oral communication.


Gina, is your music available on the internet? I don’t have money to buy your albums but maybe others do. Also, do you have some free samples which could entice potential customers? :musical_note:

Yes, easily these days. Originally after DX, no. Took a lot of pushing to get that skill back.