Are you a tough guy?

Being a tough guy is a pretty bad thing. Usually if a guy has a mean look on his face and thinks they could beat everyone up they are a tough guy. It’s not good to be called a tough guy.

I really wasn’t a tough guy until I thought I could be an elite soldier. I still don’t think I could have ever completed the swimming requirements. I really wasn’t that close to becoming an elite soldier and am pretty lucky I never got into that training.

In my normal job I always had a bad look on my face and would stare people down. I thought I was hot ■■■■. I thought I should have got a promotion and thought people changed a score I got on a test. I self destructed and turned into the biggest loser you can think of.

Being a tough guy doesn’t get you very far in life.


I don’t think I’m a tough guy. But I’m tough. And I’m a guy. As in I endure pain pretty well and stuff. But I don’t think I try to fight ppl or anything.

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I’m only tough when I’m carrying my favourite purse.



I leart something from your story. Thanks for sharing your experience.


I think any guy who survives schizophrenia is a tough guy. :muscle:

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I don’t think this thread means any harm, but in the current atmosphere I worry about where it could lead.

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