Are you a sucker for a good time?

I am.

That’s why I had to give up drinking. But now I’m onto other ■■■■ that can land you in trouble.

Good times


My life other than my college years has always been pretty boring

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I haven’t done much in the last 10 years except live with my parents/rehab/and save money.

Going for good times now.

Will let you know how it goes

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yeah! love finding fun stuff to do,

and it’s a score if it’s free,
usually at libraries or community centers.

hopefully everything is coming back now.

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So, I was watching ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest’ the other day. And I kind of feel like Mr. McMurphy (Jack Nicholas character) at times.

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I used to be a sucker for a good time. But I was a sucker.

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Everyone’s a sucker for something. I like good times.

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I loved to party and hang out with friends when I was younger, now that I am in my 40’s I prefer to relax and take it easier. I gave up alcohol, weed, cigarettes a long time ago. Totally clean now.


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