Are you a simple or complex person

I am relatively simple.

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were all complex organisms lol whatchoo mean

Of course people are very complex organisms, but in the psychological sense people may be simple or complex, for example 20 years ago I was asked something about the future and I answered ‘I do not know’ and then the person who asked thought that I did not want to tell it and he thought I was more complex, but I simply did not know.

Complex person. Take serious precaution. Fully awake.

I am a complex person living a simple existence.


My illness/disorder is complex - I am quite simple

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@mussel. How is the clubhouse going? Are you busy these days? Sorry for not catching up with your latest development. :blush:

Well I’ve had family matters to attend to this past weekend so no clubhouse stuff…I will be stopping by the new clubhouse today to go over more resumes and give my input. Tomorrow I’m stopping by my old clubhouse which I haven’t been to in over a month so they will be thrilled to see me I’m sure.

I’ve seen the location for the new clubhouse, it’s small…but it’s a start. We’ll see how it goes.

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my wife called me unique.i liked that.wish she was still here in the land of the living

I am complex, I am drawn towards simpler people.

Psychologically I’m quite complex, but live a simple life.

I am consider a little complex,I want to be a simpler person,good night!

In my case, my mind is very complex!!!