Are you a really boring person?


I guess I’m boring. I’m pretty self absorbed about my symptoms and hypervigilant that I might be going psychotic. Lot’s of my conversations revolve around being sick and I’m sure that gets boring for my family. But I feel the need to stay on top of it. I don’t want any surprises.


I suppose I do some interesting things. I listen to some cool music, go to fun concerts a couple times per year, have a job that can be interesting, a job that most people couldn’t do. I’ve had some very interesting life experiences.

I think I’m kinda boring to hang out with, though. I don’t talk much, don’t laugh out loud (even when I find something really funny), so I suppose I’m boring to be around.


that’s an interesting observation :joy:

It is a funny post guys.


The perfect date for me would be to sit together in silence. To find peace in the presence of another.


Haha, yes.
Forever single babeh!


Umm. I’m not the life of the party. I have a good joke to share here and there. But social efforts really stress me out.


Heck yeah I’m boring. I don’t drive, work, smoke, have sex, or drink. I eat close to the same things every day and have a routine that includes med taking, and the same shows on TV. I am as close to inert as I can possibly be and I really have little interesting to say. When I worked I talked exclusively about work. When I went to school all I talked about was school. I always talk about the weather, sports, and news but I rarely talk about what Blizzard is because there’s usually literally nothing to say.


I wouldn’t call myself boring, but I’m pretty un-interesting.


yes I’m boring because I don’t know what to say about most topics.


I am super mf boring…!!!


I am the same. I think some people think I am stupid because I don’t know what to say


Guess I’m a bit boring to other People, dont have that much too say. I like the silence though.


Ive become boring, but I think that this is a good thing.
Boring means stable and quiet.

When I was manic for all those years, I was a mess!

Drama followed me everywhere I went!


i’m bored a lot, so maybe that makes me a boring person


I entertain myself nonstop. It’s all I do. so I can’t really say I’m boring. Other people might.


hi dave, you look like a guy who use to come on the old form called dook :slight_smile:

in reply to the question that is not supposed to be a question even though it is lol

i am pretty crazy, i think i have an iq of about a million and i am far from boring, i exist, you could say that i exist beyond the normal parameters of society, i mean even as a schizophrenic i break the norms of what is expected (which is a good thing imo),

I think to boring is to be unfulfilled, uninteresting, lacking in every way, people need to get out of themselves and start living, fk sz and all that it stands for, find a good med and have a party lol, life is too short.


Yes. That’s why I spend. My time entertaining people.


I think my lifestyle is boring. But I like to think my personality is fairly unique and interesting.


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