Are you a "pet" person or a "people" person?

I might as well admit it, I would rather hang out with my dog than with any human I know. My little dog can always make me feel better, no matter how crappy and stressful my day has been. There is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work, opening the front door, and giving my dog a hug.

I have dealt with severe chronic depression and anxiety for more than 30 years and one thing I know for sure—if it hadn’t been for the wonderful dogs (and cats) in my life over the years, I would not have made it through the dark times.


Pet person.
They are much more loyal.

My cat is one of my good friends. When psychotic, I have hear his/her thoughts and responded back. I love him/her like family.

I love some people too. That is only about six people, who I am highly attached to. I love these people and would both kill and die for them. Jonty may as well be family.

I’ve been wishing I had a dog lately, but can’t because I already have a cat who was traumatized by dogs, I mean I think he might be able to come to terms with a dog who was used to cats, but who knows. Most people seem to be either a cat person or a dog person, I’ve always been both. There’s things about both that you don’t necessarily get in the other.

I’ve heard my cat “talk” to me in my head before too, was smoking who the hell knows what at the time though. We’ve been through hell together and he’s managed better than I have, I feel like a dog would be worse for the wear. I have a favorite, Sunny, a golden retriever with a heart of gold but she belongs to my parents.

I wouldn’t want to choose. Can I have both?


I like people who are like pets.

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That may have come out wrong.

Depends on how you look at it.

Maybe you could get a very small dog. My dog is only 6 lbs. When I take her to visit my mom, my mom’s cats seem to tolerate her quite well–I think they secretly even like her. I think it is because she was a puppy when she first met the cats and even now that she is full grown, the cats are not afraid of her. Of course the cats are more than twice her weight so they know they have the “upper paw”.

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I need both. I am much more open to, trusting of and comfortable with pets, especially cats. The humans I trust are fewer and farther between, and they usually have to prove themselves over a period of time. Once they do it, though, they’re indispensable.

Cats in general, and my cats in particular, click with me instinctively. I’ve always been able to speak Cat :cat2:

yeah I’ve actually never met a cat who didn’t immediately like me, they all do. While there’s been a few dogs who couldn’t put up with my existence.

People though…people. Definately not a people person, I take trust and friendship seriously and I trust easily and though I probably actually am a good judge of character, don’t have a great record of making friends with the most worthy characters. But then, even in the worst of my friends I’ve seen great good. I don’t know…what the hell are people anyway? I’m not sure I really know. Blah…no don’t like people…maybe if I’d never loved I’d be more okay with just withdrawing into my own world. I need a hobby…I have no life, which I’m okay with…but I’m bored and lonely, so’s my cat though. Who knows.

Both are just animals

Neither… The cat at our house is needy and selfish… There independent and run the house… And the few dogs I know r just to slow to realize the difference between a person with a treat and a family member… And fish r just content swing in their little worlds while the outside is so much bigger… Ferrets r thief’s…lizards are aggrasive… Mice run away and don’t give u second thought… Birds won’t shut up… Snakes r cool till they bite u …
But hey people r the same…

I’m a cat person. I want to love every cat I see. Conversely, I feel most people I’ve met could use a good thump with the Clue Bat. My day is less stressful when I spend it with cats.


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I always seem to prefer pets over people. my bearded dragon cuddles with me on the bed and falls asleep watching tv with me.

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I’m definitely a pet person, had pets all my life, but lost a bunch of “friends”

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i like both, i’m more partial to talking to people though because the conversation is a bit better,

i love animals but i hate the mess they leave and need to clean it up, i’d love dogs and cats better if they could flush the toilet and things

but i love them to bits despite all of that, my mums dog is amazing, affectionate and has those eyes that i love to look into lol.

I’m definitely a pet person. I wish I had a dog (house trained).

I’m a dog person - He gives me unconditional love and pure joy.

I’d be in a lot worse shape without him.

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