Are you a nicotine addict?

I notice when I hold in the nicotine way longer I finally get some dopamine from it. This is from a vape, I think this is why there is all that extra stuff in cigarettes so people get a bigger nicotine hit with less effort.

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I like nicotine a lot.

For me I have given up all the illegal drugs under the sun that work far better at making me feel good.

But it’s false, and they bite you on the ass sooner than you might think

I have been clean for nearly 12 years, I think the cigarettes we can let slide on this occasion

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It ■■■■■ up your lungs, man. The longer you hold hits like that, the worse it is for your lungs. All you’re doing is depriving your brain of oxygen. I used to smoke cigs so I know. Quit while you can.

I think nikotin is a stimulant or antidepressant. I am in the process to take nikotin in other ways than smoking it. Its a learning process.

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Yes I am man.

From the age of 14 and I am now 39. I just smoked cigarettes and the occasional cigar before I was 35. Then I tried everything. A pipe. Cigars. Dip. I’d go broke and be buying the cheapest tobacco imaginable. At the moment I am smoking marlboro reds and ecuadorian cigars. god I need to quit. I intend to but I’m so used to being hooked on the nicotine.


I want to give up vaping but I cant :slightly_frowning_face:

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I used to be, but now I’m free!

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Same before sz quitting vaping was hard now its impossible

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It goes well with everything imo.

I am addicted to nicotine. I smoke Camel Wides and also vape. I “learned” to smoke when I was 18 and in the psych ward…in 1992 they actually let us smoke inside. In all that time I only managed to not smoke for a period of 7 months. Yeah, I pretty much don’t care about the damage it’s causing cuz it helps me cope, but I don’t know why.

The docs telling me that I have nodules on my lungs helped me quit. Plus what my dad went through.

Yes I’m an nicotine addict 'cause I can’t quit for good. No cigarettes = laying in bed for 23 hours everyday.

I smoke a lot like a beatnik, and drink coffee.

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