Are you a moody person

I was very much before with SZA

Yes. It’s not always bad, but it’s not always good.

i couldn’t even tell why i was in a mood back then

Yes I’m very moody - have sza + borderline so I’m extra moody lol! :laughing:

used to be very moody, but either meds or aging has mellowed me out. i don’t get worked up or excited about much of anything anymore.

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No. I’m mostly flat. I don’t have much emotion.

I’m a bit moody but I was worse when I was younger.
The meds and age have mellowed me out a bit.


Same here. I was a lot moodier when i was younger.

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I’m very moody due to depression.

I’m not sure, but I’m an emotional person.

I’m sometimes moody…
I have emotions.
Most of the times, i feel anxious, not moody.

I feel things pretty deeply for better or worse but I was raised to never express feelings so I can seem okay when I’m actually far from it.

I lose my temper at things sometimes, but I would not describe it as moody.

If someone pisses me off enough I go nuts at them

My Psychiatrist was the last person I did this to over the phone a few weeks ago

He didn’t deserve it, but I had cancelled the appointment, and was really angry that he called me anyway

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