Are you a misanthrope?

Misanthropy: dislike and/or hatred of human nature or humankind

I feel like I am a misanthrope. I lost faith in humanity and I just generally have a contempt of human nature.

Do you feel this way?


Yes but it got a bit better with antipsychotics.

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Misanthropy is lazy thinking. Usually projecting some internal emotional baggage onto the masses.

I like myself fairly well, and as such I project that out. But there are some messed up schools of thought out there driving culture. I am not some fake pragmatist who likes every ideology out there, due to what now seems like a misplaced notion that egalitarianism is the highest ideal.

People are fundamentally different in so many respects. You can’t legislate that away, or even make up for the difference with subsidies. That’s just wishful thinking. Cultures who try to codify egalitarianism from top to bottom pretty much fail catastrophically as a rule.


I don’t hate people, but too many cause ridiculous problems for people with their lying and evil things they do.

Sometimes I think people are no better than piranna, but then I remind myself that I am getting quite a bit of care, free of charge, from the state. People exemplify many different moral equations in their approach to life. There is huge variation between how good and how bad people are. I can think of six times off the top of my head that in the twentieth century over a million people were massacred. But on the other side of the equation, there are people who labored their lives away in some lonely laboratory developing the vaccinations for the diseases that have ravaged humanity - small pox, the bubonic plague, measles. I remember a quote by someone that said, “The meaning of life is to serve humanity”, not so much for what we are, but what we can become.

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Personally I have a lot of dislike for people, their opinions and their systems but I’ve realized that no matter how I feel deep down that I always treat people with respect and care. I have a lot of mercy in me too for some reason. Sometimes I want to yell and be mean but then I just do the opposite. I may sometimes hate people but my desire for peace always supersedes the hatred.

I want to think better of humanity than I do but I have a history of being treated pretty badly by people I thought I could trust. I try to be as kind as I can without being a pushover so that I can at least have faith in myself.

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I love people. I believe in solidarity and brotherhood

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I kind of think I have a love-and-hate relationship with people.


İ think most of sz patients hate society because of their false perception and delusions about people.personally i like people when i m delusion free.i dont hate anyone unless they against my citizen rights and existence which is most political leaders up to.

It all depends on my mood…

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I don’t understand half of what you said but it sounds convincing.

I don’t know if it’s that I hate humanity or fear humanity.

I get annoyed with people making noises. I can tolerate better if they sit there quietly.

Sometimes I prefer animals to people because there’s so many vile people out there. But there are really good people out there too. So I can’t say I hate all people.

Same here. At the moment anyway.

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I wonder sometimes why I’m not better liked than I am. Then I realize I don’t much like a lot of people.

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