Are you a hermit/ loner?

Only if you have money… they will love you. This is why I am a hermit. I have few good friends too, whom I love and stand with… But people like this are rare… and one day, they will have their own things to take care of… When I got psychotic the first time, my family took care of me but I was traumatized of having nobody by my side at all in the first 6-8 months.
So no wonder


Ask my self i how you doing hows it going since these new meds hows the non existent love life. Are you sure you want to do this, that, how, when.

But anyways it doesnt seem destructive. its happening more though and im enjoying it. I dont even feel the need to tell my doc or stress about it.

Im sure most people here talk to themselves :smiley:

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I’m still hitting some cheap events in city…Like the art or theater scene, they both feed the creative work. Like the nature too, feeds it but is not a great outdoorsy city here…Too many catches to the outdoorsy thing here as the outdoors groups have squabbling plus unsafe city trails and don’t know anyone I would want to take. Alone is okay sometimes but horrible others times like drug dealers following me around in country when I wanted to do a photo-tour of area waterfalls … Could get a small group of people killed to run into WAY-TOO-NICE car piled with 20-somethings acting anxious in wrong place…I already knew that area had that kind of stuff reporting already so knew to turn around in crowded driveway and get heck out of there…

@Jimbob hears a phrase that says - All neck and no meat

For me… I do not hear voices but my thoughts are intense… and I recite to myself things that I have read or heard or seen somewhere… :slight_smile:

Some phrases I have encrypted in my mind

  • If only people would see their self reflection in the mirror, they would see how ugly they are ?!
    (I have the phrase how ugly they are repeating in my hamster wheel)

  • Some curse words from some weird people in the past

  • some others… it gets weirder, trust me

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Ya, I lost everything before I went crazy and none of my ‘friends’ were there for me. Not a one. I ended up spiraling straight to the bottom. I slept in a shelter and lived in my car during the day (thank God for my car!). Then I went crazy and ended up in the hospital involuntarily. When I got out, my poor, elderly father took me in and that is where I live now. That was 2 years ago and I am still alone. No one cares about you when you lose everything and are suffering. Sad but true.


I’m alone a lot.

In some ways I am truly different than a lot of the folks around me.

I don’t seem to get the right balance of alone and mingling. I don’t seem to know how to do mingling. I can do alone well enough, but sometimes I don’t like it.



I don’t really think I have any friends irl. There’s one guy who used to be my friend that i got to say will come over when i get my own apartment. I also don’t really go out just to go out. It’s for food, haircut, medical stuff. Well once in a blue moon I go out to eat with relatives.

I don’t have anywhere to go to meet people to be friends with. If I did, I suspect it might be a slow process.

Wow I’m almost like that guy from Welcome to the NHK. But less creepy.

Actually though, I don’t dread shopping for groceries at Walmart or much of anything where I go outside.

I’m a loner nowadays. I don’t have friends in this town. I have a few good friends though they’re far away. A bit of a hermit too. Don’t go out much these days. I don’t hate myself but I do wish my life was different.

I do not have any friends.
Not online really either as such.

I am a loner and need a lot of lone time.
I feel I need to be at home mostly and not go out often.

I do have a boyfriend who I adore and can be with.
He sits by his computer mostly and I sit crewchetting.

He has lots of friends and it’s difficult for me to be around them.
I feel attacked by them and avoid them as much as possible but am polite to them.

Going out can be a huge deal for me.

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I’m, I can’t ‘connect’ with other normies, I don’t like them and they don’t like me.


Do you connect with other schizos?

Or like them n feel it could be mutual?

I used to love every one but seem to dislike some people now because their behaviour etc
I still could have care for them n possibly some form of love or like or just care etc but not respect.

It’s very few people I feel comfortable around.

Yes, I’m comfortable with and attracted by schizos, elders and other people shunned by normies.

I think that’s positive though that there at least are some people you feel comfortable with.

Same with me.
I’m happy there are some people I feel pretty comfortable around even though they may be a minority.

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I’m a loner. I have a buddy that I go to gym with and a couple of friends that I surf with but other than that I am alone.

I’m a loner. The only person I meet is my boyfriend. I hardly meet my friends. We hardly chat either. I just about invited them out for my birthday. I was surprised they came with their busy lives. I mostly eat out on my own and go to galleries and things on my own.

I’m a loner, alone 99% of the time and have been for years

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I am loner too. I am nothing and when am something I am a musician in a bedroom…

Another lone wolf here. I’ve completely isolated myself from family, which kind of sucks but I can’t stand all of the “How ya been?” questions and interrogation at family gatherings. I don’t have any friends…


Aye, they don’t seem to understand that it is very possible to stay all day at home doing nothing…

I’ve only recently began having symptoms of sz (I’m 25), so all of my family knows me as a normie. This makes it even more of a drag to explain WHY I stay at home all day doing nothing with no job. Oh well…

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