Are You a Case Study For Other Doctors?

My doctor asked me voluntarily if I’d allow my situation to become a Case Study for others…my name was left out.

Is this normal? Were any of you asked the same thing? I said it was fine by the way.

Have been asked to give histories to medical students a bunch of times.

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I told her the ‘naked guy story’ and how Jimbob failed last time because he had a Birthday Party to go to, and my 11 year old daughter said…

“But Daddy. It would’ve been okay because he’d be in his Birthday Suit!”

What a great line!!! My daughter is a chip off the old block!! :wink:


I’ve been a case study many times over for the following conditions:

  1. High-functioning SZ
  2. Synesthaesia
  3. Transposition of the great vessels with complications (congenital heart defect)

The first because I’m regarded as abnormally high-functioning given how poor my initial prognosis was. The second because being able to ‘see’ sound is apparently weird. The last because the condition is so rare that most doctors will never see it in real-life. I always get re-imaged every time some new tech comes out with higher resolution.


Once in my fairly early days as a psych patient I was paraded in front of a lecture hall full of students.
There’s a high interest in you at first but over time that gradually tails off.

At the beginning of my third hospitalization, I was introduced to a large group of doctors sitting around a table as if in conference. I pulled an attitude, declaring indignantly that I would NOT be put on Thorazine again, got up and walked out, thus missing the chance of a lifetime to talk with those doctors. I didn’t understand why they wanted ME???

Haha. Maybe you are Harvard?:grinning:

I thought it might have been because I was the son of a famous writer. (My father was John Hersey).


Wow. You have a famous father. The doctors may want to kiss your father’s ass.

@martinhersey1 urs father…


Well then, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I own a copy of Hiroshima.

yes I was asked to figure in an educational video, for being such a pure specimen. This is yet to take place though.

He’s dead. xxxxxxxxxx

I am sorry Martin. You may miss your father.
I have read some web pages about your father. He was born in China as me.

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I hope it was worthwhile to have a father like that? I don’t even know my father’s name – my mother was one of those damn hippies who ‘got around’.

only if I’m paid, honey.

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I think I was off the charts on the ‘nutty scale’ which is why I was asked to donate my case to medical students for further examination.


Do you feel on some level that having a Nobel Prize winning father may have contributed environmentally a bit to your onset of schizophrenia?

Pulitzer prize…
I used to feel I was living in my father’s shadow. All my siblings were. He wasn’t there for me.I guess he was thinking about his writing. Neither was my mother there. I have had to reconstitute a person out of nothing…


I was only just thinking about this the other day @Patrick.

The clinic where I meet my psychiatrist is advertising for psychiatry interns and I hope I don’t have to share my time with one when I have an appointment with my psychiatrist.