Are we unconvinced that life is good?

I actually never heard it said that life is good until recently. It was a new idea to me. But just telling myself “Life is Good.” helps me work for it.


I can say it: "Life is Good! I can say that life is great, even.

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Everytime I switch off / on my phone I’m reminded of it.

I get this:


WHEN or if I get the money life will b better than good

Pedro, Ive stopped playing the lottery. I was spending too much. :cry:


I am completely convinced that life is bad. without a doubt.

My life is easy and I live in Canada so therefore I have a good life compared to the majority of the world.

But there is literally billions of people starving, there is crimes against humanity, war, rape, murder, animal abuse, child abuse, lies and propaganda. We are close to a dark age scientists have said.

They’ve also said earth has a life expectancy of around 1 HUNDRED YEARS. (you may roll your eyes at me, but steven hawking was the one who said this sooo…)

Obviously life isn’t good. I honestly think if anyone thinks that life is good (in the bigger picture, not personally their lives) they must be ignorant, uneducated, or in denial.

just do one line, it’s less spending & affordable, you never know you might win

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If we make ourselves strong, we can help the people trapped in misery. So I make my self strong by saying life is good. And then I want to help.


you’re absolutely right chordy. It’s just very hard sometimes for me to keep a positive outlook on things. I’m glad that you are able to do that. I will try to be more positive too.


I ignore what I can’t do anything about. I won’t listen to the news. Just get flashes of it on my computer. I have a limit to what I know and understand.


I had to start steering clear of the news too. I couldn’t take it anymore. Fukashima sends me into shivers and so does Steven Hawkins. I need an Ativan.

Honestly i keep getting reminded by friends and family. But i think they just say it by mouth instead of guiding me to the good in life. Maybe i’m asking for to much :family_man_woman_boy:

Personally, my life isn’t bad. It has its bad side, but all in all life is good.

Life is good, no life is much better… :slight_smile:

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life sucks big time.
I don’t understand how much someone must endure in this life. I am transformed into a robot with no feelings.
I am tired of this constant battle. I never feel okay.

Life is good, how? I am alone, working, trying to help myself with this illness every day. Finding new medications, enjoying solitude at the age 29. It has been like this for the past 10 years or more.

Not sure what will fix me.

I’m feeling the same way lately.

Maybe if you can get a good anti anxiety med from your doctor things will improve.

But it’s definetely a constant battle. Keep fighting :boxing_glove:


It’s the alone thing that had me at a stand still. Have you ever considered group living?

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Life is good and bad. Can focus either way. I focus both ways depending on my mood. I can see both sides. Contentment is a choice for me usually.

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