Are we the nicest people on earth?

I really doubt it, but that’s how it seems from the post of most of the people here. I really don’t want to offend anyone and I admit that sometimes I am nice in topics because I know that’s what people wanna hear “you can do it, you’re great, you’re a valuable member here, (somebody fool me with that one), you’re a great person and you deserve love/friendship /respect/etc”… . But are we really??

I mean, you’ve made your bed and you’re proud and you wanna share it with your internet friends, but do we really need to point out what great accomplishment you’ve done?

I think it’s best to point out how great they are because of doing this instead of mocking them, but aren’t all of us think it?

I doubt we are so nice in real life, for me it’s just Easier to say “o you’re great… A real champ…” then to hurt the person

But what about the others?
What motivated you to be so nice to people with comments?

I probably sound so mean but I know I’m a great guy who likes to make people feel better but with the REAL struggles they face, not small insignificant things

U are so nice u like ice with an N, my mofreakin friend…


I think there’s enough arguing and negative stuff and disagreements on here. Are you suggesting we deliberately need be meaner and more argumentative than this place already is? What’s wrong with having our own little safe corner of the web where people are supportive and helpful?

I post little victories because I have paranoid schizophrenia and I’m lucky it hasn’t killed me. And I’m lucky I can accomplish anything at all. My own family doesn’t understand my thought processes where I can’t do a lot of big accomplishments so the next best thing is posting about small victories.

I’m sorry but I can hold down a job, but on the other hand it’s a big deal to get pleasure when I’m reading a book and it’s blurry but I can reach over and pick up some reading glasses and get great pleasure because something finally went right.

I guess the eloquent @Jonnybegood said it better than me, but I understand completely why other people and myself post small accomplishments. What does it hurt? People can relate to it. Things that so-called “normies” take for granted are almost impossible for most of us, so what’s wrong with applauding our little victories?

I was on the old forums, this new incarnation of is much better because we don’t have constant trolls like the old one. Chronic troublemakers are weeded out. Some people here post small victories because they are severely ill at the moment and each little victory is all they got. I’m pretty stable now but I remember years ago, where I couldn’t work, go to school or do much of anything. My symptoms were hitting me hard and my day consisted of taking a 30 minute walk, sleeping, and staying alone in an apartment all day and fighting not to give up. I think most people want to be nice and this site allows them to.

I’ve heard the horror stories of other support sites on the internet and how people attack each other or gang up on other members or say rude mean things, we should count our blessing that this site is not like that. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. Having a cushion and the space of being on a computer inherently makes it a lot easier to get along for sure. I don’t see anything wrong with that.


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