Are we shortened for something?

I just spoke with my neighbor in garden beside building and he was speaking to his wife.
I asked him should I go if she’s coming,and then he said
“She doesn’t have empathy for people like you”
I asked "Like what?
He: “For those who are shortened for something in life”!
Are we shortened?I can’t change it…

I’m sorry Zoa but I don’t know what he meant by the term shortened?
What does this mean?

That we have deficit of brain…

That was mean of him to say this to you.
Try to avoid him in the future.


Whole building treats me like that.Some even won’t enter elevator with me.I’m always polite…
Simply,don’t understand…

I’m sorry Zoa, they are not worth it.

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Thanks buddy,I just saw sth. like darkness before my eyes when he said that…

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Huh! Bloody Charming! I have my fair share of ignorance here as well.

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@anon54525863 what an uneducated fool.

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And his wife is story …

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