Are we really the ones who are ill?

Why are those of us with mental illness seen as the crazy ones, the sick ones? People hate us because we are different. Normal people anger me and I wish they would stop what they think. I hate hearing their thoughts. I wish everything would be silent in my mind, but I’m stuck like this until I’m dead. What are everyone’s thoughts on this???

I hear my aunt in the evening. She is talking to me. She lives in Finland. I’m in Sweden. I’m not sure if she is telepathically connected to me or if it is voices.

I used to think I was hearing everyone thoughts and I was developing sonic hearing… but as my meds have stabilized, I can see that I’m only hearing my own head.

I don’t think you’ll be stuck like this until your dead. Eventually you will move away from your family and have more control over your life and be able to make your own decisions.

Just as your doing that… more sophisticated meds and treatments will come out… and you as an adult won’t have your parent making any decisions for you.

Then you will most likely find a doc you hate and a doc you like and little by little you will be victorious in kicking this illness down and living how ever you want to.


@SurprisedJ @Comatose You know, you really inspire me, all of you do. I have found so much help on this site and I have changed my mind, been a bit more positive than I have been. I am thankful for all of you.

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Just try keep yourself floating. It will get better. MI is like life, it goes up snd down and up again. You just have to remember that when falling down hill. It will soon turn to the better.

You are young still. You have your whole life left to experience good things.

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