Are we prophets?


Do any of your voices or hallucinations seem too grandiose to be anything but divine?


my voices the ethereal ones call me ’ the dark one ’ or the ’ last human prophet ', they tell me of impending disasters they are always right.
take care


My voices used to call me the AntiChrist, or The Returning Player…
I don’t allow myself to feed into it…


my voices tell me ■■■■ all the time. i used to buy into it but not anymore. now i’m just gonna go my own way and c what happens. xxx


Same here brody! Seems legit…


historically, being schizophrenic would often land you “shaman” status; rather high status in most cultures too. Joan of Arc was most likely schizophrenic and look what people have done with her…


…they burned her at the stake!!!


Maybe they are telling you only what they do darksith, maybe they are causing the disasters?


well the next thing they told me is a very big earthquake in japan or in that vicinity, but the heavy stuff happens in a year , but yeah you could be right , but hey i like talking to them whether they start it or not, the human race is basically buggered, just ask any climate scientist .
take care


I’ve never been called anything by a voice but my own name.


I have thought that i was Prophet when i was in psychosis and not yet diagnosed. Latter i became atheist. Now a Christian and prayer. And now i am on my best mental state.


i thought i’m christ and i’m on a mission to save the worlds, we are not prophetes but maybe prophetes were like us.