Are we mean?

I have been told that I’m a bad, mean person. I don’t think I’m mean, but maybe I am.??.. People say schizophrenia makes people mean like me. I don’t think I’m mean. Do you think you’re mean?

I’ve got a mean streak in me. But I don’t think that’s necessarily characteristic of people with schizophrenia.

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I am not mean, far from it, but lately I have been having very little patience and tolerance of other people, especially family members. I have been holding on to a lot of anger and hatred lately.
I hope that this is not a sign that I need to up my meds - but it could very well be, I am not sure yet.
Having this illness really sucks

Meanness is a survival mechanism. I don’t have it. I used to though. Schizophrenia made me less mean.

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I have my dark side. I come across as a nice guy who is boring, but a lot of my inner emotional life is violent.

not more so than the average person on the street aggression is a defence mechanism I think so if people are mean it cause theyre scared and lashing out. we should shoot our wounded.

Idk I don’t think we’re mean but paranoia can be mistaken for unfriendliness. And our disorder may cause impatience which could cause meanness. Maybe I’m not sure.

I’m definitely not “mean” but I don’t think I’m “nice”. But hey who wants to be nice anyways. I am what I am and if I wanted to be fake I would but I don’t even if I suffer sometimes.


shouldn’t* shoot our wounded.

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no i’m not mean, though i can be a little candid and direct and that can hurt people sometimes. i don’t mean to cause offense but i don’t like to lie to people to spare their pride. i used to but as i’ve gotten older i just think ■■■■ it, tell the truth. i think people respect you more if you’re honest with them, even if it’s something they don’t want to hear. they go away, digest what you said then come bacj and say, you know what you’re right, he is an arsehole or yes i am right about such and such. i think a lot of people’s problems are that they put up with bad situations because they don’t want to rock the boat. it pains me when i see this so i tell them straight, either put up or shut up. if you are not happy with some one then do whatever you can to express that unhappiness. don;t pretend everything is fine and then bad mouth them behind their back. i used to be guilty of this until one day i had enough. i told this person straight up how her toxic personality was bang out of order and i didn’t want her in my life anymore. it was soooo liberating. not the fact that i was horrible as i don’t like being horrible to anyone but the fact that i was honest after months, maybe even years of hiding my true feelings because i felt sorry for her but the only one that was suffering was me by hiding how i felt. some people would regard that behaviour a mean but i don’t think so. yes i could’ve worded it better, i could’ve been nicer about it but why would i when she was nasty to me and generally stalking me and my kids. being honest isn’t mean, it’s a survival tactic. i should do it more often i feel.


I think yes looking at myself from other people’s perspective. I don’t seem to rejoice the small moments that people encounter at daily basis and seem to enjoy life so people think we are mean. We are not but we seem to be.


thanks for your post I think I might just call this girl the c word next time I c her.

lmao…christ hunni, i didn’t realise it was that bad. you don’t have to be confrontational. just explain calmly and firmly that you don’t want this girl in your life anymore. if you want to call her the c word then by all means do so. she must’ve done something pretty bad to make you feel like that. care to elaborate?

she works at the halfway house I live in. she’s very controlling. I don’t hate her that bad but the c word describes her pretty well. she has control issues. she always describes herself as a narcissist and pompous. shes asked me at least 3 times If I think shes a narcissist. whenever Im in a good/talkative mood she ignores me and when im in a bad/quiet mood she always bombards me with questions. I’m not sure she just annoys me. im forced to be around this lady and I was thinking of snapping one day and just saying “DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH OF A C YOU ARE???” lol

lol…would love to see her face if you did lol. x

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Sure I can be mean, I’m no saint. When overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, I’ve said many things I’ve later regretted. Even if these things were try or half true, there was a nicer way to say them.

But it’s something I now control a lot better because I know my triggers. My partner pointed it out to me a couple of times and because I trust him and know that he would never criticise me if it wasn’t warranted.

I’m a piece of ■■■■ all day, every day. I drive people away.

i was told i was mean too

no,.i dont think so .

There was a time when I was told that I’m mean… uncaring… cold.

One of the symptoms of this head circus is an emotional flattening effect and it takes away our feeling.

It used to strip me of my empathy and caring… it also takes away my ability to express anything.

I would care deeply about something but not be able to show it.

The people who are close to me… know about the emotional flattening… I work to let people know I care. But sometimes I come off as cold and uncaring and mean.

People in my life know this part of the illness and I work to let people know I do care about stuff.

I’m not mean unless provoked, but, even so, never physically, just verbally.
I agree @jaynebeal, honesty can cut through the bs quick and efficiently, and those who can’t take the truth, I don’t care to be around.
The golden rule though, is never use the truth as an excuse to be mean.

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