Are we just entertaining ourselves?

You’ve no doubt heard the complaint that somebody is a pest because he doesn’t know how to entertain himself. Well, maybe we know how to too much. We are in too much fantasy. Someone didn’t give socially and we find others to be a lot of work.

When I am feeling cynical I sometimes wonder this. “Are we just entertaining ourselves?” I have felt pervasive boredom for so many years. I do some activities just for a way to fill my time–almost every single day.
The better question is, "What do I truly enjoy doing?"
I don’t come to this web community just to pass time but because I get a lot of satisfaction from reading it, and contributing.
I find I spend about an hour or more a day reading this site.

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Oh, I wasn’t referring to the time we spend on the forum. I was more abut the time we spend in fantasy.
Forum time is valuable, I agree.

Sorry, Chordy, about this minor misunderstanding.

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Nothing we do is of any value to us, or we won’t do it. Value to a human being is either of safety or fulfillment or both. The higher of either or both is contained in any thought, action, experience, item, methodology, belief etc, the more it is worth to the one observing, practicing, or experiencing in general.

What is more? That is the question, and for the time being chatting here is more. If it weren’t, we’d be doing something else we’ve figured out how to do.

How about getting rich?

I get headaches.

Yeah 515151515 quasall

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