Are we heading for World War?

The Syrian warfare looks so similar to the Spanish Civil War before the 2nd world war.

Even though the conditions are not so severe as 1935 but the the way Russia and US have plunged into the Syrian crisis it looks more like a Testing ground for their weaponry .

There are a lot of causes that could lead upto a World War as there is a lot of turmoil

a. With each passing day it looks more and more likely that the Entire Capitalistic model of economic system will eventually collapse. Currently the situation is such that China is the world’s banker and all the other so called leading economies including the US are dependent on China for their credit. It would be interesting to see what will happen when China decides to pull the plug.

b. The rise of China is startling the West and particularly the US. It is re-arming Japan, Arming South Korea and Taiwan and sending Ships and carriers to the South China sea. China will of course not take this lightly.

c. Israel is looking more and more vulnerable particularly with the New King in Saudi Arabia who is anti-israel.

d. Russia’s economy is collapsing and it is interested in a War at a wider scale to build its economy and to make a full use of its energy resources and that is only possible in a war like situation where the prices of Oil would go up and that would inturn help Russia which has vast reserves of oil.

So do you think this syrian conflict is prelude to something like a World war?.

Possibly. It’s hard to predict.

Israel will never go down.

Israel is a paper tiger. It is supported by US else it would have been run over by all the ME countries ages ago.

I think any new world war will be Subterfuge…Meaning it would be a Hackers show.

A single Worm or Bug will penetrate into the entire Financial, Nuclear, Military and Civilian apparatus and all hell would break lose…Atleast a certain amount of time would be gained…This time is sufficient for a devastating FIRST STRIKE …Remember a devastating first strike could wipe out even the best of countries including the USA.

A First Strike on Israel is almost certain to wipe it out of existence of world map.

By First strike I mean a Nuclear Strike.

The question then remains ------- Who has the better set of Hackers…Russia, China or the US?.

Hackers…I agree.

Something like a successor of stuxnet.

I don’t think capitalism will go down. If anything, it will make it stronger.

I think Capitalism is long pending for a fall. It is incredible that it has survived so long. But its days are pretty much over.

The Spanish Civil War was a war between fascism and communism. The political situation is different in Syria. Maybe China could pull the plug on the U.S. economy, but they are not likely to do that because it would destroy their economy too. These two countries are very interdependent economically. It is not the U.S. that is arming Japan. Japan is doing that under its own volition. A rearmed Japan could send shock waves throughout the orient. We are placing forces in the east because China is making unjustifiable claims to the South China Sea and its resources. All the countries in the east who have a better claim to the South China Sea will depend on the U.S. to protect them, and then criticize us for being too militaristic after we push China and its false claims out of this area. Hopefully, we can avoid any kind of war with China over the South China Sea. It could be catastrophic for the world if its two largest economies went to war.

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