Are we freaks

Just hiding away from the world.

Or are we as a boring person would say.

" mentally I’ll "

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I’m a freak sigh maybe it’s a good thing

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no, i dont think we are freaks, to call someone a freak is demeaning and kind of abusive in my opinion, and i wouldnt call myself that unless i was joking,

i’d say we are just normal people with mental health issues

it is possible imo to live a very good life with sz and being on meds, it might not be perfect but then who is?

I love being a freak. Even though i’m sure that not many people think of me that way.

Yea I’m also a freak lol

I used to be a super freak when I was a young woman. I am no longer. Meds took care of that.

You freak me out :weary:

Why do I freak u out

That what freaks do?:roll_eyes:

Makes sense 15151

No. We are not. Some people hearing/seeing/thinking things that do not fit what the rest of society is hearing/seeing/thinking is a normal part of human behaviour, I think.

It’s everywhere, in all sorts of societies. In some places they’d call you a shaman and let you contact the spirit world. In some places they’d call you a freak and lock you up or kick you out of society. In some places they’d say you are ill and give you drugs to make you act more like the other people. In some places they’d think you are a saint and have visions.

All people have magical thinking and delusions. We perhaps have more of that and lose control over it.

What is a freak? That word has meanings as fck knows.

In the olden days before meds were we classified as freaks ?

I don’t know. I would search the definition in urban dictionary. But i don’t know how to copy it here.

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