Are we failures because we lack Interest and Motivation ? I lack both and this alone is a serious issue

Are we failures because we lack Interest and Motivation ? I lack both and this alone is a serious issue.

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Till the year 2013 I could enjoy some T.V shows and there after no more…

The walking dead, the living dead, the undead…

You worry me, my negative symptoms got alot better now from what you described theres a possibility they could suddenly get worse over time. I never want to go back to the condition I was in a few months ago.

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Maybe need to be more active, tv doesn’t always help our condition. When we relate to a tv thing which isn’t real we tend to think that it is real.

I knew a guy many years who lived for tv and always watched it since childhood. He had no father and his mother let him drop out of school. He started to believe that life was like tv, and he got really sick and now is homeless by choice.

I’m not saying this will happen to you, but there’s more to life that just watching and listening to the action. It seems to me that nowadays less people are involved and more people are just stationary watching tv. I’m a tv watcher too though so I don’t have much room to talk.

Try really hard to get out, if you have a camera take up photography and post on the site the nice photos maybe? I’m going to work on a shed in my backyard it needs a new roof and new floor. My girlfriends father is helping me.

I’ve noticed for me to take action it’s good to have a team mate with me to help me take initiative. Maybe trying to hang out with someone and accompany them through the day could help you stay busy on life and not on the symptoms?

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I’m no failure, man. I don’t think of any of you as failures either.

What defines a person being a failure?

This is a very harsh thing to define yourself with.

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No you dont 151515

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I do not see myself as failure.

I love who I am and am proud of who I am.

My energy is not “at home” and others out to get me n take it n do some pretty nasty things…

I’ve been workaholic with my energy of who I am.

I may not look good or feel good when others in my body but my real eons of who I am feels good and is good.
I am good.
I am proud.

Others may look n feel good but are not.

I do not think I am weak nor do I think they are tough or mature way they treat me n behave.

I don’t watch tv either.
Because they steal from me.
Attack n bully me .