Are we experiencing a sixth mass extinction?

I don’t think we should give up, all I was saying was we should keep doing what we’re doing and if we die so what, it’s inevitable. Everything in existence is self-limited in some way, humans are very self limited.

Well, don’t you think if we could buy ourselves an extra few thousand years by ceasing destructive habits, that it would be worth it? You say you don’t care about anyone but yourself and you don’t care about the planet, but seriously, don’t you have nieces or nephews who you care enough about that you want them to survive as long as possible? And then eventually, they’ll have their own children and they want their children to survive and live well. And their children will have children etc.


No, I don’t buy into that.

The thing is we all in the west. all!! Have to reduce our personal impact by 6 fold
We need to use 1/6 of our current footprint and probably (mine) more than that for your average American

I can’t see it happening

Coronavirus lockdown changed us by about 10% in 2020 uk

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