Are we both normal?

Looking at my naked brother for the first time and seeing that we are different. It’s the age old question. The answer is yes. Different but normal.

It’s also normal for babies to suck their thumbs. Man, not in our family. It was shunned.

Neither of my kids sucked their thumbs and my daughter never even used a pacifier.

Really? Did you feed them often, bottle or breast?

As newborns they ate every 4 hours or so. I didn’t give my daughter a pacifier cos I didn’t want to have to wean her off it. My mother in law have my son the pacifier. If it were up to me he never would have had one. Babies don’t need them.

Normal is relative. What is normal to you???

Normal tendencies can be discouraged. Controlling parents are only trying to protect their children but it backfires when it’s overdone.

Unhealthy tendencies need to be discouraged. Is the normal healthy, that’s the question.

When doctor says I"m normal I take it to mean I’m healthy, at least about the subject at hand.

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