Are we all parasites?

Can we make friends without sinking our teeth into them to get their attention? I sometimes think the best friendships start out with a battle.

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Naww, I prefer being more of a leech.

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Friend of a friend once said that being an extrovert was like being a vampire, you’re constantly feeding on the emotions of the people around you


That’s ok, @77nick77 I was never afraid of blood suckers. There were supposed to be some in our favorite pond for swimming but I think it was just a story.

My brother called me a parasite and said ppl who don’t work are social parasites.

Parasites to society.

I read an article once on what they called, emotional vampires. Just people that bleed you dry of your own energy

I have one friend in my life that does just that. I have to be very careful

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These people society uses as scape goats.

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I don’t think I’m a parasite, though many people have insinuated I was. I think they are lying thieves. If they hadn’t done all the illegal things they do, I would have plenty of money to live on, so they wouldn’t have to complain about people not working. I probably worked more than they did anyway. I don’t think they ever wanted people to make money, just wanted someone to work the jobs, they didn’t want.

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I like to think I’m a symbiote.

Unless there’s tacos.

Then I’m totally a parasite.

Because tacos.


I make sure I pay back what is given. Sometimes more than what is received.

Pay back the cosmic balance is good if you can. Doesn’t lead anywhere in my realms but to the satisfaction that I’m a friend/family member etc.

Far from a parasite although I’ve met and known some.


I guess I felt like that sometimes. The problem is I’m weak and it’s all the time like in every life.

I suck off other people’s joy. I love it. That’s what I did in the park when I met a friend. He doesn’t seem to mind :slight_smile:

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that can be interpreted in many ways lol


I think we are all humans.

System uderstands we are evolving and there are some glitches which is taken care.

Thinking about it makes me fall in love with Humans again.

I was reading some article about introverts and extroverts.
Your friend was rights, extroverts feed off other peoples energy. The negative side of being an extrovert is that they don’t like the feeling of not having another person around to “feed” off of so they don’t like being alone. While an introvert is better at being comfortable with themselves and handles being alone better.

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I Honestly Don’t Think Our True Purpose In Existence Rests In The Arms Of Being Withdrawn In A Parasitic Nature. There Are Creatures That Already Take Up That Space.

There Is An Ending To An Album I Loved Growing Up (By) The Band T00L.

It’s The Ending To The Story Of The Album In It’s Entirety.

And The Character Goes On To Say, , ,

‘Life Feeds On Life Feeds On Life Feeds On Life’. . .

It Always Troubled Me. . .

Then I Got A Bit Older, A Bit Wiser, A Bit More Troubled And Wanted To Become Vegan. . .

I Have Yet To Fulfill That Duty. . .

Point Is, , ,

You Don’t Have To Be Or Feel Like A Parasite If You Give It Your Best. . .

Try Your Best To Remain Positive. . .

And Don’t Put Blame On Yourself For What Ails You. . .

Not Everything That Happens To You In The Negative Sphere of Existence Is Your Fault. . .

No Matter How Much Blame People Try To Put On You. . .

Keep Your Eyes Beyond The Horizon And Never Give Up On Yourself. . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

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