Are we all brothers and sisters in God's family..?

are we all brothers and sisters in God’s family…?

Were all related in some way. We’re all the same species.

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They’ve traced back the gene/chromosonme pattern occurring in all females of the world back to one particular mother. Eve?

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Yes. I don’t believe that curse of Cain of crap. Not that I think that’s what you are saying mate. Some people try dehumanize some, sort of like like dragging a homosexual behind your truck cause God didn’t like men to lay with other men. That sort of thing.
If somebody is using Jesus’s name when they don’t actually worship a ( carpenter/Rabbi) didn’t actually believe in him. Unfortunately this is a little too common. So the answer is yes we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

idk maybe i was adopted :wink: lol


Awesome answer @daydreamer!

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Accepting being in an adult foster care home has become a way for me to grow up again and fill in many of the emptinesses left by my first attempt to grow up. The care givers are my new parents and my housemates are my new siblings.

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I feel more like the family pet. I think I am more like a sheep dog.