Are we all a bit mad here

in a nice way folks…


No I’m not a bit mad!!! why you ask? is there a list??? Is my name on it???

Was it that thing with the cottage cheese??? Only happened once!!! :crazy_face:


ok you sound stone mad

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btw i like mad @Mountainman


Please. I’m eccentric.



I’m mad as a stone.

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I’m a Buzz Lightyear deluded space cadet and my inflated ego protects me from the harsh truth.


Yes. I can be quietly loopy at times lol.

Santa is a super spreader and that’s why christmas is cancelled. He’d been naughty not nice.

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We may look mad, but it’s just a front. This is the headquarters of the illuminati.

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Here’s a leading academics who researches narcissism interview, and at what point this becomes a disorder.

“Much madness makes divinest sense
Much sense makes much madness”

- Emily Dickenson -

That’s probably not the exact line in the poem, but it goes something like that.

I think I heard somewhere that all the best people are

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thanks for posting that @NutsAboutU

Yes I have gotten mad about eating carrot sticks and thought they were evil and were going to kill me. Yes. I am mad.

There are two people inside my head but only one of us is mad (him!).

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Well, if I denied it, you wouldn’t believe me anyways.

I thought everybody ran naked through malls with their body painted bright orange, mooing like a cow.

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Seriously, what even is normal?

We’re just on a large spectrum of insanity. Just varying degrees.

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…many times, just being seen makes you talk (in your mind ), talking makes you hear, hearing makes you sin…