Are 'Views' counting public as well as members?

Just wondered why some topics get loads of views, but little engagement?

I view a lot of topics without responding because I don’t know what to respond, or don’t feel I have anything to contribute of value.
Sometimes I check out a post and the contents doesn’t concern or interest me, so I just move on.


I have a low stress tolerance, I am not always confident enough to express my opinion out of fear of people’s reactions.

idk about others’ reasons

I understand what you mean, as a simple disagreement with another member can really make me upset for some time

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Do you know @Moonbeam or @Ninjastar ???

Don’t quote me on this, but I think it tracks views for people who aren’t members as well.

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I think a lot of it has to do when you post. Not everyone will scroll through a full day’s cycle, and will only look at the stuff at the top. When I did a bit of social media it was amazing how much difference posting at different times of days would make.


I just researched this on the Discourse Meta forum. It appears that the number of Topic views includes both registered user topic views and anonymous (non registered) user topic views.

What’s less clear is how these topic views are actually calculated. Is it Topic view per IP address or Topic view per IP address per some specified time period (e.g., every 8 hrs). If the latter, then a user viewing the topic more than once can be counted more than once. :nerd_face:


Good to know.

Thanks for checking it out

Makes sense now when looking at how many views there are on new posts with no comments.

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I wonder how famous this website is lol. Like how many outsiders view it regularly.

It is also a problem with most websites that competitors will click on the site just to increase the number of page views. You pay for hosting by the page view, so this increases costs for the site owner. Though I can’t imagine who our competitors would be.