Are they voices or are they your thoughts?

I’ve been watching YouTube videos of sz stimulation… Its pretty interesting cause some of it is what I hear but some of it isn’t. (Of course it’s not the exact same.) But do you believe the voices are your thoughts and insecurities or are they voices… (Voices being hallucinations I guess of maybe spirits or just beings… I don’t know that part always confuses me.)

I like this video too, she pretty much explains psychosis…

This is how I’ve spent my night. Youtubing sz lol

Mine are definitly real voices. I may be delusional or full-blown manic but ive called the police so many times they just show up now to make sure im taking my meds.

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my voices are my thoughts and conscious

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My voices are my thoughts and conscious but I also have this delusion I also hear my family’s thoughts …

I actually hear my kids talking but i can never make out what they are saying. Its always muffled.

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I hear my nieghbors thoughts

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They are internal voices that sound like my thoughts but aren’t my thoughts, no way are they my thoughts. Like there’s two persons in my brain - me and my voice Alien and sometimes another voice too.

I am just stubborn to a cap S. I will always believe they are spirits. I felt very alone and depresessed when I couldn’t hear them or talk to them when on meds.

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Damit I wanna do YouTube so bad…■■■■■■■ sz and my paranoid thoughts…

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I would watch your youtubes @flameoftherhine

I haven’t found a fox mask yet…I got all the stuff and I have a room I can turn into a booth…I can do basic video editing…I just can’t make myself yet. But soon I hope

Let me know if you need design work. We should do a chanel together

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Two schizos take over youtube


I’ve had Normie’s use my YouTube advice…no pay yet but its fun thinking of ideas for people…

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I have a bunch of ideas not sure if i wanna go into youtube

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I’m scared of getting swatted or hacked or my Id compromised … But the moneys good…I would be masked but that only helps so much…I feel boring on my meds a lot of the time…you should do it

Im fine in general but if i have a relapse hell will take over humiliation and paranoia

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Some time I also hear voices but it is because of lack of sleep, and in the time of sleeping, it is not complete hallucinations.

They’re real. My thoughts are me, but the voices are outside of myself. The voices come from demons and my angel, and say things to me that don’t come from me. As long as I can manage a life that suits me and those around me, there’s no reason to not believe what I believe.

Mine are my voices that give me trouble feel like they can read my intrusive thoughts. See intrusive thoughts in my mind. I believe i am not my thoughts, my thoughts are a repetitive cycle of words and unwanted images.