Are these "delusions"?

Ever since I was a kid I had the sense that God did exist and was doing things to piss me off of purpose. Not like that God had a personality, but maybe more like I was just personifying my experience of life. So when I put my earbuds into my pants pocket, and take them out one second later, and they are in some kind of impossible knot, I want to scream at God: You have to obey the laws of physics you dumb ■■■■! Or if I drop my keys, I hear them drop onto the ground, and then I instantly freeze and spend two hours looking for them on the floor, and they’re not there, I get the sense that God made them disappear to piss me off. Or if the computer does something I don’t like and I’m pretty sure that is not what I told the computer to do, it’s like I will say to the computer: OK, I will do the exact same thing I did before, and hopefully this time you will do it the way I said to do it the first time.

I’m aware that these beliefs make no sense but experiencing things this way has always been a part of my reality. When I think about the idea that, of course there are laws of physics that are always being obeyed no matter what, the first thought that crosses my mind is that this information is just there to piss me off even more, so I’m not even allowed to believe the totally obvious fact.

Is this just “immature thinking” or are these really delusions?

I request u to consult this to ur pdoc as soon as possible…!!!
Take care…!!!

I don’t think those are delusions but you might want to talk to a doctor.

Hi and welcome to the forum @idk345.

Do you have a psychiatrist you could talk to about these thoughts?

If not, see your GP first for a referral and get an appointment as soon as possible.

I hope things start looking up for you soon.

I think it’s a sign that you are well, or fully recovered. Almost everyone wants to blame a deity, a god or a devil, for causing their frustrations. And, the laws of physics are based on reality. If the computer is any problem, you can usually search for solutions, however, be careful choosing among the solutions. (Downloads are usually unnecessary.) Overall, I don’t believe you’re deluded. The psychiatrists usually treat patients with delusions of grandeur. Is anything else bothering you, anxiety, depression or hallucinations? Thoughts of hurting yourself or others? If not, you’re okay, or fully recovered. Enjoy yourself and have a fun summer!

I can tell you from experience that God does piss some of us off on purpose.

Just be cool man ,he’s trying us

First of all, hilarious!! Not sure if it was meant to be and not meaning to offend. You seem pretty well balanced to me just irritated at the improbable inevitable frustrations of life. We all have this. Let me know when your headphones, keys, and computer start cohorting and conspiring against you in the name of god, thats when we got issues!!

It’s more less superstitious magical thinking

Sounds like more than Gawd at work here.
Sure there is an ugly evil undercurrent in my life, blame it on the ex’s comrades.
There is grant money waiting for the experiment to conclude.
mean people,


Nothing new to me that you have mentioned. This ongoing chain of events that defy typical probability expectations, is of nothing new to me, nor many others that I have spoken to.

Hey, I just posted here, but then it vanished. I was classified as SPAM material.
I am very curious as to what part of our brains are considered to be spam material.

The grey part when you’re cooking 'Spam & eggs."
Only the cupboard is bare, so in haste you toss in a cup ‘o The Grey’ you’ve been saving for such an occasion.

Sounds to me like this might be “murphy’s law” in action (aka “sod’s law” where I’m from) like when you drop the toast it always seems to land butter side down on the floor…