Are these calorie counting apps healthy? I don't know

I use a calorie counting app,

Its easy and useful, but I feel like these apps make it so much easier to fall into obsession.

The constant reminders “have you logged your meals today?”,

The borderline sarcastic times it tells me I’ve ALMOST reached my fitness goals, when I feel like I’ve done pretty well,

And of course the times you’re not feeling well and its like “don’t fall behind!” and your like “stop judging me, machine”.

I don’t know, does anyone else feel like this?

What do you think?


I’m not sure if my perspective is good, because I do have an eating disorder so I get triggered by a lot of stuff.
But I don’t find the notifications to be triggering.
Maybe sometimes.

I try not to count calories because it becomes an obsession and makes me more disordered. I feel like I’m far more likely to purge if I count my cals.

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I didn’t read everything you wrote, but I think I got the gist. As someone in (permanent) recovery from 18 years of eating disorders, I can’t use them. Or, rather, I have to turn off all those notifications if I do use them.

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I’m doing that right now,

Good call.

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the best thing that has happened to me is

  1. eat balanced healthy meals, lunch and dinner + fruits for breakfast
  2. exercise twice a week.

That’s it. I am no longer obsessed with it. I am taking it easy and I already see a huge improvement in my belly and problem areas.

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Reminders like that trigger me because then I feel like such a fat pig for eating anything or I feel like a failure if I don’t eat enough. And it makes one of my alters panic if I eat too much and a different alter binges and I’m always caught in the middle. I’ve gotten better but it’s still a battle at times.


I have the opinion that having an obsession about your health can be healthy. That being said we all die and I am someone who focuses my days around what I eat and have a routine I follow of exercise with goals to be executed.
I do become stressed around the topic and have experienced moments where I feel I have failed, but there is an extent of motivation and learning that happens at these times.
Parents have told me I should be a personal trainer or a chef and at times I agree with them!

1 Like doesn’t have those judgmental reminders. I use that app.

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The MFP installed on my phone sends reminders like everyday; things like recording your intake and weight. I guess you could shut them off though.

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