Are there voices that just make sounds

To annoy you? I think I have been hearing some faintly.

Sounds that come from nowhere it seems like everywhere from air conditioners to appliances it seems they’re everywhere what’s the sounds of kick in known and moan inside the brain are from My Lonely Heart who just can’t stand the pain


I also hear sounds sometimes over fans or kettle. Usually when stressed but not often. My more common voices are internal from the spirits

My voices use to sing songs to annoy me or make sounds to get on my nerves then laugh about it. I find lately tho I only hear them when I try to sleep.

Sounds of ravenous wolves, or something, tearing on flesh, cracking cartilage and crunching bone. Feeding on something fresh.

Those always bothered me.

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I often hear mumbling voices or music strains especially when the furnace is running.


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