Are there things fuelling this disease? bare with me scroll too the bottom


I’m too old to sift through endless video clips. I suspect your suffering! No fun seeing clues to conspiracies in music clips. Trust me I’ve been there more than once and it wasn’t any fun!

take the psych pills and tell your doctor! Don’t get upset if the doctor doesn’t seem interested! That is modern medicine and believe me these pills do work for most people…

Try talking to me…posting videos does nothing except for yourself and that is hard for me to understand…would rather hear what you have to say!

A friend in the struggle,


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i understand, that you may dont want too shift trough them.
so this thread may have not been aimed at you.

but thanks anyway for your comment


I’m not on here too much these days but look forward to your opinions! I’m sure others on here are too!

Paul . Rogueone.