Are there nice institutions or living communities for schizophrenics?

do they exist? sometimes i want to be in one. i even think to set up a gofundme to pay for it. my ideal place i could exercise, have internet, get outside time, and watch basketball in my room or something. then not having to cook or drive would be epic. the best i can do is move back to my hometown where i can walk around to the grocery and parks, but then i would still have to get rides to the shrink. i feel it’s too soon. i can’t really get serious about it until mom and dad are gone, but it is my future wish, although unlikely probably, because of cost.

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I know where you’re coming from.

After this long winter mixed with my back problems I’m doubting my ability to live alone and manage a household.

An apartment can offer pretty maintence free and low stress life.


Also, what’s the deal with not driving?

Just wondering why you don’t like driving. I’m so used to being able to go wherever/whenever I want.

I think I’d miss that freedom

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actually i stopped driving for 5 years while i was hallucinating. i enjoyed it, it’s was much less stressful for me, and i walked everywhere or rode my bicycle to town. i have a fear of car crashes and getting pulled over by the police, iim a paranoid driver and probably not a good one. things like switching lanes and merging onto interstates and driving in heavy traffic, i just can’t do anymore. when i was younger i had a nice sports car and drove through cities weaving in and out of traffic. that is something i couldn’t do anymore. when we take road trips, i sometimes drive, but not through the cities. i drove through mississippi and kansas recently while there was little to no traffic and that was fine. i used to drive 80 to 90mph out west going to colorado or montana. luckily, i never got a speeding ticket. i just don’t want to drive, i will walk around town, and catch greyhound buses if i travel somewhere, or get a cab/uber to the airport. my license expires in 2024 and i don’t plan on renewing it, so i hope to be moved out by then and into a subsidized apartment in my hometown, where i will have no need for a car. also i put on a lot of weight when i stopped walking 10 miles a day.

and then there is the extra cost of insurance, gas, and maintenance on a vehicle. i just don’t need it. things like paying bills on time and letting my insurance lapse is a very real possibility.

right now, dad pays for gas and insurance and i borrow his car when i go to town. on average, i drive about 5 miles a day on a 2 lane highway, 55mph for 3 miles, and 30 mph going through town for 2 miles.

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if somebody is behind me, i always check my rear view mirror like every 5 seconds. i can’t help but look back. so most of the time i wait for a big gap in traffic where nobody will get behind me.

I hear group homes can be good for people who have trouble functioning.

Personally I love my apartment. I wish I could buy it with my VA home loan lol.


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