Are there, is there anyone you'd take a bullet for



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Yes, several…but I hope that it wouldn’t come to that to help them

would you for a loved one?

My son. 1515151515

anybody I love, especially my wife.

It would depend on the situation. Maybe my brother and my sister. If a great many lives depended on someone’s survival then I would do it without hesitation.

Probably not to be honest.

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I really am not sure tbh

There’s a chance but would need to be in the situation to really know

I feel most people’s answer may differ from the truth as well. Death is scary no matter what.

I’ll be completely honest too…grief sounds horrible but death sounds like the end of my existence which scares me possibly a little more no matter how tough I talk. I even complain about attempting suicide or getting raped but I survived both. I complain about taking meds but I’m still alive. I could complain about lack of accomplishments but that’s a fairly easy fix. Death still scares me no matter what kind of fantasy about heaven I can manufacture or anything. I don’t have kids or a wife and my friends are coffee and lunch buddies. Therefore I don’t know why my reply is valid

Yea death is so scary.

But do I have that sacrificial love in me,

I don’t know

I would probably take a bullet for family. I personally would be more scared of the pain of a bullet than death.

I have no intention of being put in that situation where I would have to make that choice though. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s an interesting question because it also sneekly asks how deeply have you been able to love and trust.
I hope all of you get to have the experience of love that you would want to save even more than yourself.

Not sure i can say one way or the other. Taking a bullet is not a planned thing, and I could say I would but I might also be frozen in fear or running away at the first sight of the gun. Im a pretty selfish person so that makes me lean towards no.

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If I ever see Jesus ill take a bullet for him :crazy_face:

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I’m impulsive too…I’m as impulsive as anyone like I took out 35 thousan In college loans recently and then canceled a week later. I also bought a car on my ten minute break at my previous job. So it is possible that I would take a bullet for my worst enemy to prove a point. And I’m serious. It’s a mental illness for me.

Im the same. 15

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Then he will revive you from death lol


Exactly it’s foolproof :grin: