Are there any visual artists?

Are there any visul artists here? I’m a full time student at an arts school/residency…

I am getting ready to go to painting class today. I am painting a portrait of Jimmy Page. next class I am doing a vision I saw in a dream last night. Is that what you mean?


Yeah! :slight_smile: anything like that! I’ve been thinking of conducting my own art therapy … More expressive art … Have you experimented with sculpture?

I used to order fifty pounds of self setting clay and I would paint my sculptures with acrylic paint when they dried and cured. I miss working in the clay.

I absolutely love my ceramics class I enjoy solid building.

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well, I am really glad you have artistic ability. Hopefully your art can pull you out of the doldrums you mentioned in another post. Art gives me hope.

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Professional photographer, videographer, and DJ here.


Ah Jeeze ,

Here Let’s Guve Thus A Try ,

Let’s See Shall We (?)

I am a visual artist through the medium of pure poetry.

Brey That Is A Pic Of What Is Called A Minotaur ,

A Minotaur From KID A Blips ,

and Whatever You Do Don’t Look Thaz Stuff Up ,

Don’t Be Sneaky ,

Ok Jus Let The Oceanic Waves Of Hopelessness Pass You By ,

Swah swah Swah …

That would be great to do art therapy. I’ve read too that working with your hands is very therapeutic.
Sometime I want to do knitting or crochet, or at least learn how to do it.

I am a writer, visual artist, junk artist, and used to dance.

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I once majored in Art. I sometimes get the feeling that I want to switch back, because Art History, Philosophy, and the 4th semester of French might be to taxing. I will have to test the waters.