Are there any safe places on the internet to discuss things?

I am growing tired of being harassed and targeted on other online communities (even mental health ones). It feels like there really is no place for someone like me in the world. People only like the stuff that comes out of my art but whenever I have a simple question of some sort I am ignored or derided for being sensitive or stupid. Right now I am scoring a soundtrack for a big mod for an obscure game but I already have distanced myself from the community waiting for it because of their hatred of neurodivergence. The funny part is they aren’t aware of how I’m going to be making the music they will have to hear when they eventually play it.

It doesn’t help though. I’m coming to terms with how unpopular people like me really are. Even on sz communities I’ve been made fun of for being too sensitive or on the spectrum. Where do I go?


I’ve only had one comment here I found insensitive. I chose to not reply. You should like it here.


Come here there are people who can relate to you and in general make you feel not alone. @annadonna94


Its pretty relaxed here.
If you have any strange topics just post in the ‘unusual beliefs’ section :blush:

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Hey, you’re in the right place. We have a very supportive, accepting and forgiving community here. We have good moderation who don’t allow members to bully or abuse each other. As long as you’re not blatantly abusive, you are always very welcome here. And I think I speak for most people here. Relax and enjoy your time here!


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