Are there any other

They are putting me on another medication called Viibryd and taking me off Prozac. I do drink and smoke grass. Does anybody else smoke and or drink ?

Weed and alcohol are bad yo

I have an honorary doctorate in consuming psychoactive substances

i don’t personally but my father does. His life revolves around weed, cigs, and beer. i should mention my dad has sza too.

“After a one-year, open-label study assessing the safety and tolerability of vilazodone in people with major depressive disorder, the most common adverse effects were diarrhea (35.7%), nausea (31.6%), and headache (20.0%); greater than 90% of these adverse effects were mild or moderate.[6] Whereas in randomized controlled trials these rates were 28%, 23.4% and 13.3%, respectively.[6] In contrast to other SSRIs currently on the market, initial clinical trials showed that vilazodone did not cause significant decreased sexual desire/function as with many other antidepressants, which often cause people to abandon their use.[3]”

These are waaaaaaaaaaaay high sfx profiles. Why did the doc put you on this stuff?

What anti-P(s) is/are you on?

Statistically, at least, continued use of EToH and THC reduces and/or confounds the effects of virtually all psych meds.

I know that my life isnt going to be prolonged but I am 54 almost 55 and have been partying since I was 16. Allot of my old friends are dead. I am a survivor though. Yo

How old is your dad ?

My dad is 52, he’s been that way for as long as i can remember.

Yeah, its basically like pissing on a burning building to take meds while smoking weed and drinking a lot. I mean one or two drinks is one thing, a bowl of weed is unacceptable, virtually all psychiatrists say weed is unacceptable with psychosis…I know it works differently for some, it made me go apeshit and then tear an abdomen after not sleeping the whole night, I remember it too clearly, which means it was very unpleasant and nearly traumatic. Not remembering the thing clearly would be a sign of it being related to PTSD.

As the author of Surviving Schizophrenia says about illicit drugs and scz, “No.”

I used to smoke weed and drink a ton, that on top of cigarettes. It got me nowhere. Just because you haven’t died yet doesn’t mean it’s okay. That’s like saying Russian roulette is safe because you survived a game of it.

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Yeeeeep. 15 15 15

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I stopped drinking a few days ago. Just an update.

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Yea. Now. Are you going to AA, Celebrate Recovery, Rational Recovery or some other proven support program that suits your particular values? Because those programs provide the social environment that replace the environment in which one drank. They are waaaaaaay better than being alone. I found scores of new friends in AA and NA, I have not had a drink in 31 years, and I never really missed it after I got involved with my “fellow travelers.”