Are the kids on psychic kids schizophrenic?

I feel like people are letting them believe they’re seeing real spirits when they’re actually schizophrenic and in need of treatment. Lots of people have died in lots of ways and their stories of what they see and feel can easily bring up a death story that makes it seem real


Yea antiscience is dangerous and sad.


What is this? A tv program exploiting kids who say they see spirits?

That’s sick.

I think spirits exist. I also think people fake, hallucinate, fantasize, are influenced by parents, seek attention, etc. No clue which of those it is. But people should not put a child on tv and encourage it to talk about seeing spirits.


hmmm…I wonder…if they are kids I would say they probably are mentally ill…

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They’re young kids.

Yeah. The adults help them learn to cope with what they see

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A boy i knew started to see two women by his bed after his - idiot ■■■■■ of a - kindergarten teacher played a “game” somewhat like an ouija board with the 4 to 6 jaar olds. From his description they were exactly like his granny’s he never met. He also could tell things about people on photographs. It was creepy. His parents took him to people playing with such things. When he got old enough to decide he stayed far away from that.

I think children should be kept away. Im not really sure whether it can be real, but kids shouldnt be put on tv for that. It feels like attentionseeking from parents, and possibly feeding hallucinations.

I would also indeed have them screened for sz, if they suffer from what they see. That’s a likely explanation too.

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It’s really irresponsible of the parents to exploit their sick children like that.

Even worse, the network does it too.

I hope those kids get the help they need.

I thought I was seeing spirits as a child also,

It was very scary.


I think some people have a natural knack for reading people, but that doesn’t mean they’re psychic.

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Yeah. I think the kids are most likely sick.

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