Are SZs not supposed to play sports in the evening?

Today I just bought a membership card at a Gym club and went there in the evening. I played Tai Chi and Plate. It was nearly two hours long. After 8 pm local time I came back home. Now I can not fall asleep. I felt there were three rabbits jumping inside of my skin. I don’t think playing sports in the evening would affect one’s sleep if he /she is a normal person. So I blame the schizo mind which is fed with too much antipsychotics.

what do you think about this insomnia?

Some experts say vigorous exercise before bed will keep you up. Other experts say it’s okay. I would just play it by ear and see what is right for you.


Well, it arouses the brain, so it might make schizophrenia worse for a bit. For me, I have to exercise in the mornings to function that day. I wake up agitated and angry.


Most of the articles here are well-informed and worth reading.

Important to remember:

  1. Probably best to exercise earlier in the day and no later than six hours before bed time.

  2. Anti-Ps are all at least somewhat sedating, not stimulating.

  3. The disease itself, however, tends to be stimulating rather than sedating.

  4. Sz patients who do get APPROPRIATE exercise tend to be in better shape emotional and cognitively than those who do not.

  5. “Too much of a good thing may, however, NOT be.”

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Guessing you don’t have a day job?!?

Just finished my step aerobics. Going to bed and expect to sleep well.


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You and =I= can exercise three hours before bed time and be okay. But most people with sz cannot because their autonomic nervous systems are too far out of balance, even when medicated. :relieved:

Hi green6. That’s cool that you got a gym card. I read that you should not exercise too close to bedtime. I hope you are doing OK otherwise.

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Not sure if I’m ‘okay’, just don’t know when the hell else I can find time. Arrrrgh.

Edit: Was going to bed until I realized I was out of clean work clothes. Now doing laundry and then going to bed. Sigh.


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